“My Brother, the Traffic Policeman”

From Filippos Fylaktos’ film
“My Brother, the Traffic Policeman”

Unit : 2 | Lesson : 4

The persona of a traffic policeman has always been a curious one. It has often found important space and close treatment in literature and other arts. Besides the many poems about the fascinating character, there is at least one movie where the central character is a traffic policeman. In 1963, Greek film maker Filippos Fylaktos made this film named My Brother, the Traffic Policeman. It featured a slightly manic traffic policeman, Antonis Pikrocholos, who is utterly devoted to service and duty, and applies the traffic code with unyielding severity.


Tickets rain down upon law-breakers in particular taxi-drivers and especially Lampros, who happens to be in love with Pikrocholos’ sister, Fofo. In his turn, the traffic policeman is in love with a businessman’s daughter, Kiki, who is afraid to reveal her feelings to her father. Besides, Antonis has given lots of traffic tickets to a bus belonging to her father’s company. For all these reasons, the road to marriage for both couples is long and strewn with obstacles, but the outcome is a happy one for everyone involved.


Multiple Choice Questions: