Class 6: English for Today

An Invitation For Robin

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Lesson: 34

Robin read the letter over and over. He was very excited. It came from his aunt Amina. Amina and her family live in the countryside forty miles away from Dhaka. Robin ran to mother and said, “Mom, listen to this letter.” He then read it to her.

Dear Robin,
We are happy to know that your summer holiday is starting from the next week. We would like you to come and stay with us for a few days.
We know you’ll like the country. We have four ducks, chickens, and a cow that gives fresh milk every day.
Your cousin Maher is just about your age. He’s very excited and is making a lot of plans to do together.
Let us know when you will arrive. We have already talked to your parents. Tell them not to worry. We’ll be at the bus station to receive you.

Your Aunt Amina and
Uncle Karim



Choose the best answer from the following alternatives


Re arrange the sentence in correct order

a) Penicillin is a life saving medicine.
b) He went to school and came back home on foot.
c) It was discovered by Dr. Alexandar Fleming.
d) He was the seventh of the eight brothers and sisters.
e) He was never absent from school up to the age of twelve years.
f) The school was four miles away from his home.
g) Fleming was born in a poor family in Scotland.
h) Fleming was a very bright, attentive and regular student.
i) He was sent to London at the age of fourteen for higher education.
j) He passed his boyhood with his parents.