Class 6: English for Today


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Lesson: 29

– Gwendolyn Brooks

I had a dream last time.
I dreamed I had to pick a Mother out.
I had to choose a Father too.
At first, I wondered what to do,
There were so many there, it seemed,
Short and tall and thin and stout.
But just before I sprang awake,
I knew what parents I would take.
And this surprised and made me glad;
They were the ones I was always had.


Word Meaning (শব্দার্থ):
Dream – স্বপ্ন
Pick out – বেছে নেওয়া
Choose – পছন্দ করা
Wonder – বিস্মিত হওয়া
Seem – মনে হওয়া
Short – খাটো
Tall – লম্বা
Thin – হালকা
Stout – বলিষ্ঠ
Spring – লাফিয়ে উঠা
Know – জানা
Surprise – অবাক হওয়া
Glad – খুশি হওয়া
Parents – পিতা-মাতা
Always – সর্বদা


Re arrange the sentence in correct order

a) Socrates could not tolerate this.
b) One day the woman became more furious than ever.
c) She thought that her husband was not paying the least heed to her.
d) She bagan to insult him.
e) Socrates’ wife used to lose her temper on the slightest excuse.
f) So, he went out of his room.
g) She went up to him with a bucket full of water and poured much water on him.
h) This made his wife more furious.
i) She always tried to irritate Socrates.
j) He sat on the door step of his house looking out on the public street.