Class 6: English for Today

Are You Listening? – 3

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Lesson: 30

I was waiting for my friend Shila. But since she was late, I thought I would just go to the bookstore and get some stationery from there. But before leaving home, I left the following note next to the phone.

“Sorry, I’m going out. Won’t take long. I’ve left two cans of coke and a bowl of fruits on the table. There is a box of biscuits near the bed. Don’t forget to close the lid of the box tightly. If you want tea, the kettle is on the stove. Hope to be back in half an hour.”



Choose the best answer from the following alternatives

Are You Listening

Rearrange the sentence in correct order

a) Columbus went to king Ferdinand for help but in vain.
b) Queen Isabella helped him.
c) Columbus is an important name in the history of discovery.
d) He saw a vast sheet of unlimited water and wished to go to an unknown land beyond the Atlantic.
e) He became a sailor in his boyhood.
f) There he came in contact with many people.
g) Then he went to the Queen of Spain.
h) He went to many parts of Europe and Africa.
i) But such a voyage would require ships.
j) He also went to the British Island, Iceland etc.