Class 6: English for Today

Buying Clothes

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Lesson: 28

Imran: Excuse me, where are the polo shirts?
Assistant: They’re over there in the boy’s section. Let me show you.
Imran: Thanks. Do you have one without a chain?
Assistant: Yes, quite a few, sir. What size do you wear?
Imran: May be a medium?
Assistant: Here these are! This one is in medium size.
Imran: A medium! But it’s too big!
Assistant: How about this? This is small size.
Imran: Yeah, I think this size is OK. Do you have it in a different colour?
Assistant: What colour would you like?
Imran: Blue, I guess.
Assistant: Just a moment please, I’ll check. How about this one? It’s a nice sky blue.
Imran: Yes, this is a nice colour. Can I try this one?
Assistant: Sure! The trial room is at the back.
Imran: Thank you. It’s just perfect! How much is it?
Assistant: It’s Taka three hundred. This shirt is on sale this week.
Imran: Mom, can I buy this one?
Mom: Sure, dear! Shall we go and pay at the cash counter?
Salesman: Yes, Ma’am. Would you follow me, please?



Choose the best answer from the following alternatives


Re arrange the sentence in correct order

a) The Mayor called a meeting of the counsilors.
b) The people of the town came to the town hall.
c) At that moment there was a knock at the door.
d) They said to the Mayor to do something about rats.
e) The Mayor and the councilors talked about the problem.
f) A long time ago the town of Hamelin in Germany was faced with a great problem.
g) The Mayor said, “Come in.”
h) But they could not find a way out.
i) The stranger entered the hall.
j) It became full of rats.