Class 6: English for Today

Congratulations! Well Done!
Lesson: 2

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A. We often use some routine expressions in our everyday conversations. Read the following conversations and see some of the different ways in which we can respond to a good or bad news.

i. Bithi’s elder brother Babul goes to a college in Dhaka. Bithi and her parents live in a small town in Tangail district. Babul is talking to his father over telephone.

Babul: Hello, Dad!
Dad: Babul? How are you?
Babul: Fine, Dad. I just got my exam result. I’ve got an A in my English test!
Dad: Well done, son! I’m so proud of you!
Babul: Thanks, Dad. By the way I have to go now. I’ll call you again.
Dad: Bye, son. Take care.
Babul: You too, Dad. Bye!


ii. Rahul is a good singer. He loves to sing folk songs and is quite popular with the young generation. His new album has just come out.

Nina: Hello, Rahul! You look very happy today!
Rahul: I am happy. I just have heard that my new album of Lalon’s songs has been a hit!
Nina: Oh, great! Congratulations!
Rahul: Thanks, Nina. I can’t tell you how happy I am!


iii. Manzoor is a student of class six in a Government High School in Rajbari. Recently there was an inter-school essay competition on the occasion of our Independence Day. Manzoor had participated and got a prize.

Raj: Hello, Manzoor! What’s the matter? You look excited!
Manzoor: You remember the competition, I took part?
Raj: Yes, I do. What happened?
Manzoor: I am happy that I’ve won the competition! In fact, I’ve won the first prize!
Raj: Oh, that’s marvelous! Congratulation!
Manzoor: Thanks, Raj.