Class 6: English for Today

We Live In A Global Village
Lesson : 25

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Dear Sohan,
I got your letter two days ago. But I was very busy here. So I’m late to reply.
Congo is a central African country. There is violence among political groups. So our life here is very challenging. We maintain peace and security. We distribute food, water, medicine to people. We sometimes build houses for them. We also teach children in small schools.
Last week, I met an interesting young man here. His name is Gurmit Singh. He was born in India. In his early childhood, he left for Singapore with his parents and went to a Singaporean school. After a few years, he moved to Denmark and completed his school education there. For graduation, he went to the US and got a university degree. Then he left for the UK and completed his Master degree there.
Gurmit came to Congo to work for a voluntary organisation. His main job is to look after children’s education in a community school. He belongs to a group often workers. They all came from different countries.
He is a nice fellow and a good friend of ours. We call him ‘Mr Global Citizen’. I’m writing below the conversation I had with him the other day.
“You’ve been to so many countries! How do you feel about that?”
“It’s nice to work with different people. I’ve come to know them…their language, culture, family, mind. I sort of think I belong to all.”
“Well, Gurmit you’re a true global citizen.”
“Aren’t you too, Zul?’ Smiled Gurmit Singh. ‘We all are the same human race, eh.”
Well, that’s all for today. Hope your exam is over by now. So, write to me soon about what you think of Gurmit.

With Love,
Uncle ‘Zul’


The term ‘global village’ has become popular. It was first introduced by Marchal McLuhan. 1962 and afterwards he wrote two books on media and communication. In his books he said that telephone, TV and electronic media have brought all mankind close to one another. For example, if we see the news of floods in a distant country on TV, we feel that we are also present there. We can see what is happening at the same moment. We can share the same suffering with the people who are in the spot at the moment. McLuhan believed that electron media will make the world a global village. When he first said about the idea of global village the internet was not invented. But now, personal computers and the Internet have ma McLuhan’s idea more believable than ever. Now, the entire globe is chained in a world-wide web called ‘The Internet’.


Word Meaning (শব্দার্থ):
Late – বিলম্বিত
Reply – জবাব দেওয়া
Central – কেন্দ্রীয়
Country – দেশ
Violence – সহিংসতা
Among – দুইয়ের অধিক পক্ষের মধ্যে
Political – রাজনৈতিক
Challenging – প্রতিযোগিতামূলক
Maintain – তদারকি করা
Peace – শান্তি
Security – নিরাপত্তা
Medicine – ঔষধ
Sometimes – মাঝে মাঝে
Build – নির্মাণ করা
Teach – শিক্ষা দেওয়া
Children – শিশুরা
Interesting – মজার
Young – তরুণ
Early – শুরুর দিক
Childhood – শৈশব
Parent – বাবা-মা
Few – অল্প কিছু সংখ্যক
Complete – সমাপ্ত করা
Education – শিক্ষা
Graduation – স্নাতক ডিগ্রী
Voluntary – স্বেচ্ছাসেবী
Organization – প্রতিষ্ঠান
Community – গোষ্ঠী, সম্প্রদায় দল
Different – বিভিন্ন
Fellow – সহকর্মী
Global – বৈশ্বিক
Citizen – নাগরিক
Below – নিচে
Conversation – কথাবার্তা
Feel – অনুভব করা
Language – ভাষা
Culture – সংস্কৃতি
Smile – মৃদু হাসা
Human – মানব, মনুষ্য
Race – জাতি, বংশধর