Class 6: English for Today

Hason Raja: The Mystic Bard of Bangladesh

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Lesson: 21




The above pictures are of the three well-known mystic bards of Bangladesh. They are famous in Bangladesh and in other countries too. They are Lalon Shah, Hason Raja and Shah Abdul Karim.
A bard is one who writes poems and songs. And a mystic is one who tries to search the Truth and become united with God through prayer and meditation. All three bards wrote poems and songs to express their deep thoughts and feelings about God, life and love for man.
Hason Raja was born in 1854 in a wealthy landlord’s family in Sylhet. He did not receive much formal education. In his youth, he led a life of luxury. He had everything-money, comfort and pleasure. At one time he understood that all these are meaningless. He gave away all his properties. He started to think deeply about the Creator, about life and death and mankind. Hason Raja wrote a lot of songs, perhaps about a thousand in number. His book called ‘Hason Udash’ was published in 1906. The book had 206 songs in it. In his songs Hason called himself ‘Crazy Hason Raja’ or the ‘Pagla Hason Raja’. A volume called ‘Hason Raja Samagra’ (Complete works of Hason Raja) was also published. The book contained 500 poems and songs. Some of the songs were written by the poet in Hindi.
Hason Raja’s songs were always popular in Sylhet. But, very soon they spread all over Bangladesh and beyond. In India’s West Bengal, some eminent folk singers made Hason’s songs popular. When you grow older, you will learn more about this great mystic poet through reading and listening to his songs.


Choose the best answer from the following alternatives

Re arrange the sentence in correct order

a) He was very industrious.
b) He always helped the poor.
c) This is why everybody remembers him.
d) He had to take pains to acquire learning.
e) All of you have heard the name of Vidyasagar.
f) He would never violate the orders of his mother.
g) He was a very learned man.
h) He respected his parents very much.
i) He was very meritorious too.
j) The financial condition of his father was not good.