Class 6: English for Today

Make Your Snacks
Lesson : 19

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Mrs. Nilufar Ahmed is teaching her son Adib how to make easy snacks at home. She is reading a set of instructions from a recipe book. First look at the pictures of the things you will need to make an egg sandwich and match them with their names in the list of ingredients below.

List of ingredients
1. Two pieces of bread
2. Cucumber – 2/3 slices
3. Butter or mayonnaise
4. Egg (boiled/fried)
6. Lettuce
7. One slice of cheese

How to make

1. First, take two slices of bread.
2. Spread the butter thinly on one side of each slice.
3. Then, put a slice of cheese on the buttered side of the bread.
4. After that, put egg on top of the cheese.
5. Next, arrange slices of cucumber and one tomato on the egg.
6. Later, place the other slice of bread on top.

Your sandwich is ready now.
If you want you can cut the sandwich into two halves and serve.