Class 6: English for Today

Our Wage Earners

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Lesson: 26

A huge number of Bangladeshis go abroad for jobs. There is always a high demand of workers in some foreign countries like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. They like Bangladeshi workers because they are hard working. But this is a matter of regret that our workers are doing odd jobs. As a result, they are not paid much. This is because our workers are not good at English, Arabic, or other languages. So, we should develop language skills of our workers for the countries they go for work. If they can develop their language skills, they can get good gobs and send more money to our country. Thus the wage earners of our country can help develop our economy.



Choose the best answer from the following alternatives


Re arrange the sentence in correct order

a) Solomon was puzzled for a time.
b) She came to test the king.
c) She placed them before the king.
d) He asked the windows to open.
e) She told the king to take the natural one.
f) The queen of Sheba heard much about him.
g) everyone has heard the name of Solomon.
h) While pondering he noticed some bees humming for honey.
i) The king of the Jews was famous all over the world for his wealth and wisdom.
j) She bought with her two garlands of flowers: one natural and the other artificial.