Class 6: English for Today

Stop, Look and Listen

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Lesson: 20

Stop, Look, and Listen”
Is a very good rule to use
Not just before you cross a street,
But when you look for clues.


Stop, Look


Rearrange the sentence in correct order

a) He wanted to teach him a good lesson.
b) So one day he painted the word ‘dumb’ on a board.
c) So he thought how he could add to his income.
d) He could not earn much by begging.
e) Once there lived a beggar in a city.
f) One day an idea crossed his mind.
g) He was very jealous of him.
h) Another beggar also lived in the city.
i) He hung it around his neck.
j) He thought that he would have more money if he pretended to be dumb.