Class 6: English for Today

Taking A Test

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Lesson: 31

Hena and her twin sister Bina both read in class six. They are having the half-yearly examination at school. Today they are going to take the English test. Their teacher Ms. Shima Chowdhury enters the classroom. Before the test starts, she gives some instructions to the class.



Choose the best answer from the following alternatives

Taking a test

Rearrange the sentence in correct order

a) He flew to the jar.
b) A crow became very thirsty.
c) It was a summer day.
d) He found a jar at a little distance.
e) The crow did not lose hope to get water.
f) He discovered that the water was too low for him to get.
g) All on a sudden, he saw some stones lying near the jar.
h) He went here and there in search of drinking water but in vain.
i) But he found that the jar had only a little water at the bottom.
j) The crow tried to get to the water with his beak but he failed.