Class 6: English for Today

The Garden

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Lesson: 35

The Garden
– Arnold Lobel

Frog was in his garden. Toad came
walking by.
“What a fine garden you have, Frog.’
he said.
” Yes” said Frog, It is very nice,
but it was hard work.”
“I wish I had a garden,” said Toad.
“Here are some flower seeds. Plant
them in the ground,” said
Frog, “and soon you
will have a garden.”
“How soon?” asked Toad.
“Very soon,” said Frog.

Toad ran home. He planted the flower seeds.
“New seeds,” said Toad, “start growing.”

Toad walked up and down a few times.
The seeds did not start to grow.
Toad put his head close to the ground
and cried, “Now seeds, start growing!”
The seeds did not start to grow.
Toad put his head very close to the
ground and shouted, “NOW SEEDS START

“My seeds will not grow,” said Toad.
“You are shouting too much,” said frog.
“These poor seeds are afraid to grow.”


Word Meaning (শব্দার্থ):
Frog – কোলাব্যাঙ
Toad – কুনোব্যাঙ
Walk – হাঁটা
Work – কাজ করা
Wish – ইচ্ছা পোষণ করা
Seed – বীজ
Ground – ভূমি
Soon – শীঘ্রই
Plant – চারা রোপণ করা
Grow – বৃদ্ধি পাওয়া
Cry – কান্না করা
Path – রাস্তা, পথ
Afraid – ভীত
Leave – ত্যাগ করা
Shine – কিরণ দেওয়া
Dark – অন্ধকার
Sing – গান গাওয়া
Still – এখনো