Business Strategy- Boomerang Digital

Boomerang Digital

“It started off with designing logos. We were doing one time projects and no fixed clients. Then we started designing and videos and sooner than you know it, we started providing digital marketing contents.”- said Affan Mahmud Chowdhury, one of the founders of Boomerang Digital and the Chief Executive Officer, as we took a sip of the delightful coffee that was brought to us and were talking about how this giant, the company, came into being. This sounds a lot like the starting of most digital marketing agencies, doesn’t it? Perhaps so. It goes without saying that Mr. Affan Chowdhury was no less than a hardworking visionary, he sought out to become the biggest and the best there is at what he does. From that view, holding the hands of two visionaries, came into being Boomerang Digital. Even after all this being said, this is not a perfect scheme. There were things that worried Mr. Affan.

Boomerang Digital; a giant in its game

Starting off from January 2015, Boomerang Digital has grown over the years to the place they are today.
Boomerang digital seeks to create meaningful and lasting connections with people who matter most to a business- you will find this line in the about us section in the website. What you will not find in the website or anyone else, unless you are a part of that wonderful place, is that it is not just a digital marketing agency but a “creative” marketing agency; yes, there’s a difference.

Boomerang provides the following services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Video and Photography
  • UX/UI Design
  • Branding and Print
  • Web and Mobile App Development
  • Content Marketing and so on.

With a wide range of services, the team grew from a team of 3 people back in January 2015 to a team of 35+ this day.

Product or Service?

The coffee was fine and everyone was having a good time just when Mr Affan’s face turned quickly from a jolly, smiling face to a very serious one. “It’s all good and fine but there is this one problem we constantly face” said Affan as he continued, “we only offer services and have no product. We also do business within a small network.”

He was right. The business had no salesman to go out and tell people about the services and sell it. A small network thus resulted in an irregular revenue stream. The small network was to reduce risk doing business with unknown people and the CEO had to connect the links to get new clients. Now the question remains, what to do about it? How to tackle this problem?

Employee Retention

Boomerang started off with only 3 team members back in 2015. Over the years the team has grown and currently consists of 35+ members grouped for different tasks. With a remuneration that is highly competitive in its own field, one would surely stay in this business for a long time and keep growing. Or that’s what we all thought. “Even after the good pay scale and fun work environment, it still seems that some of the talented individuals opt to leave this industry and travel elsewhere. I don’t know what is wrong.” said Mr. Affan with a big sigh. It is true. This industry has a huge employee turnover ratio.

To even dig further into this issue, he has recently appointed new recruits in the Human Resource department and is trying to find the root of this issue. He still wonders what else is required. Where does it all seem not good enough?

Keeping accounts checked

Most of the time it can be seen that the clients delay in payment due to certain issues. The big MNC’s usually do not have this problem but the clients who started on their own and have irregular and highly fluctuating sales tend to delay payment. This at times causes problems in investments for new tools, gadgets or even employees’ salary payments. How to create a billing system that reduces this problem?

Boomerang in the Future

Boomerang is one of the giants in its field as we all know. But what is the future plan for this company? Where do you envision it? When asked, Mr. Affan only had this to say, “To become Asia’s best Digital Marketing Agency. Simple as that.”

The whole team has been constantly improving and developing themselves to reach this aim and Mr. Affan set the aims right. Being one of the best in this country alone should not be the aim but to dominate in the whole region should be the right target.

Setting the KPI’s

To reach the target, the organization needs to set some Key performance indicators or KPI’s. The right KPI’s set in this case are revenue targets, employee satisfaction targets and internal benchmarking.

The current increase in the clientele for the different services has set optimistic targets for the company. The number of clients in each of the services can certainly show why the progress of the company has been put out to the market.

 What’s next?

What to do now? Mr. Affan has already set his goals and has been struggling at the same time to resolve the issues at hand. What will he do about the employee retention issue? How to resolve the billing policy? Where to go next from here and what should be his optimum KPI’s? Mr. Affan needs the answer to these issues and he needs them fast.