Why Business Competitions?

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There has never been a better time to take part in business competitions.  You have an idea? There’s probably a competition around the corner that can showcase it to the world.  But know this: Competitions can do so much more than just getting your idea out there. Exposure, validation, building networks, funding- you name it- business competitions can give you all of them in a very short time.

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1. Money:

Believe it or not, business competitions can win you up to 2, 50,000 tk as a team if you win. Hello unlimited spending on good food and a new phone!

2. International competitions:

In addition to being completely badass and representing Bangladesh on a massively international scale, you win an all-expenses paid trip to a foreign country! WIN!

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3. Networking:

Starting from the hotshots of the business world to the best teams from different universities, competitions make sure that the right people know about you.maxresdefault

4. Funding:

We have a great idea but no money- story of our lives in eight words. But guess what? A lot of idea/ startup/ entrepreneurship competitions can win you more than enough funds to kick start your dream project.

Knowing the business world in real life: Remember the business theories you learned in class but how you never learned why they matter? You’ll finally learn how they apply in real life- how the 4Ps help the marketers and how managers cannot go a day without supply chain concepts


Yes of course, it will make your CV stronger and there are likes, shares, followers as well which, honestly, we can ignore. But why are you still NOT participating? Ah I know! There are so many obstacles, right?

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Here’s a list of your many excuses (and why they are not good enough):

Excuse #1

I don’t know where to start: Here’s a list of competitions that you can begin with:

Excuse #2

I’m not good at case solving: All you need is this simple format: http://10minuteschool.com/skill-development/courses/case-solving/

Crack Cases in Style!

Case studies are very common in Business Competitions as well as academic courses in universities.

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Excuse #3

My slides look amateur: Spend just 10 minutes on this and that’s all you’ll ever need again to make slides that turn heads- and keep them there: http://10minuteschool.com/skill-development/courses/powerpoint/

Master the Art of PowerPoint!

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Excuse #4

I suck at presenting: We all suck at presenting in the beginning! There’s no one who is a pro at it from the start. You can always brush up your presentation skills and even more so when there are fewer people to judge you (there will be only around 3 judges in the competition rounds). The maestro is here to help: http://10minuteschool.com/skill-development/courses/presentation-skills/

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Excuse #5

But but.. It requires videos! Everything you need to make videos that don’t suck can be found here: http://10minuteschool.com/skill-development/courses/premier-pro/

Become a pro at

Very few people are aware of how to do video-editing. This is your chance to shine!

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If you’re still not convinced on participating and you think others have already gone too far, then remember this: “Every master was once a disaster”. And guess what? It’s completely okay to feel like a disaster.

Because even that incredible presenter you saw on stage was once full of excuses. But he unleashed the inner master, and so can you once you participate in your first but surely not your last competition.

Trust me on this, the toughest part is the beginning. But once you start, everything you get in return will be completely worth it.

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