HSC 26 অনলাইন ব্যাচ - ইংরেজি

Those of you who are participating in the HSC 2026 exam, you must know that the period between the HSC exam is very crucial for your life. Not only the result of the HSC exam but also the preparation of the university entrance exam depends on this preparation.

But many of us neglect subjects like English while focusing on our departmental subjects. However, like departmental subjects it also contributes equally to the results. Many people do not study English properly because they think it is difficult or they are just afraid of it. So, our English 1st and 2nd paper online batch program is ready to clear your gap and fear of English. This program is designed in such a way that a student can complete it in a short time and effectively.

এই কোর্সে যা থাকছে


2 Subjects


Weekly 3 Live Classes


Daily Exam


Chapter Wise Lecture Sheets


Chapter Wise QNA and Report Card

Course instructors

HSC 26 অনলাইন ব্যাচ - ইংরেজি by Nayeem Durjoy

Nayeem Durjoy

DU (4+ Years Exp)
HSC 26 অনলাইন ব্যাচ - ইংরেজি by Aziz Ibnay Fahad

Aziz Ibnay Fahad

DU (4+ Years Exp)

What you will learn by doing the course

  • Not only good marks but also proficiency in English Grammar.
  • Ability to write good quality answers creatively in english.
  • Writing quality in the written part of the question will be improved.
  • The fear of exams and English grammar will be eliminated.
  • Solving multiple choice questions accurately in a short time.

Class routine

ডাউনলোড রুটিন

HSC 2026 - English


বিকাল ৪ টা


ইংরেজি ১ম পত্র


ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র

Course details

Who is This Course for?

- Those who will join the HSC examination in 2026 from science, humanities and business studies backgrounds.

- Those who want to do well in English subject in HSC exam.

- Those who want to clear basic english for university entrance exam right from college life.

- Those who want to understand english literature well and do well in exams accordingly.

- Those who want to master English grammar.

- Those who want to improve the quality of writing in english

How will the Course Prepare You?

- “HSC 2026 Online Batch - English” program will help you to complete the syllabus through full preparation.

- It will help you to strengthen the basics to do well in university entrance exams from college life.

- It will help you to understand English literature better.

- It will increase your English grammar skill.

- It will increase the quality of writing in the written part.

- It will increase the ability to apply creativity in question and answer.

- It will prepare you to do well in multiple choice sections with ease.

- The guidelines of the country's best and experienced teacher panel will fully prepare you for the English.

About the Course

Many of you may have forgotten subjects like English while focusing only on departmental subjects for your HSC exam preparation. But if you pay attention, you will see that many students get A+ in departmental subjects every year, but miss A+ in English.

College life is the most important time for all of you in student life as it is the time to prepare for your HSC exam and university entrance exam. By utilizing this time properly, you can do well in both areas very easily. But like other exams, in HSC exam you get very less time compared to the syllabus. So, to utilize this time you need a complete program that will make you experienced from both your basic to advanced side.

Getting A+ in English requires much less effort than other subjects. But still, due to lack of correct guidelines and misunderstandings, every year students miss A+ in English even though they do well in many difficult subjects. That's why a special program in English is needed for everyone which will clear the basics of English as well as help you to get not only GPA 5 but also the highest marks. That's why 10 Minute School has brought you this online batch of English.

Subjects of this course:

- English 1st Paper

- English 2nd Paper

“HSC 2026 Online Batch - English” includes:

1) Live class

2) Recorded class

3) Marked Lecture Slides

4) Lecture sheet arranged by teachers for each chapter

5) Printed Copy of lecture sheets (add-ons)

6) MCQ quiz bank

7) Daily exam (mcq)

8) In-class poll quiz

9) One teacher will take live class and other teachers will solve the doubts of that class

10) Doubt section

11) Exam Leaderboard

12) Facebook Community

13) Recorded Classes of HSC 25

You can understand from the program content of this online batch that this program will be a complete preparation program for HSC English. Also, from the leaderboard you will know how far ahead or behind you are from others, which will regularly help you to move forward. And there are different arrangements for personal study too. This all in one program is enough for you to prepare for HSC English exam.

So without any further delay, enroll now and make your preparation 100 out of 100!

Final Words

If your aim is to score A+ in HSC English 1st and 2nd paper as well as get maximum marks then this online batch can be the best program for you. Because just this one program is enough for the best preparation in both creative and multiple choice questions based on literature, grammar, and written part.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in the “HSC 2026 Online Batch - English” program and get ready to make your preparation 100 out of 100!

Course details

  • ইন্টারনেট সংযোগ (ওয়াইফাই বা মোবাইল ইন্টারনেট)

  • স্মার্টফোন অথবা পিসি

Payment process

কীভাবে পেমেন্ট করবেন তা বিস্তারিত জানতে এই ভিডিওটি দেখুন

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