Class 5-12

    প্রাথমিক সহকারী শিক্ষক নিয়োগ পরীক্ষা কোর্স - ২০২৩

    প্রাথমিক সহকারী শিক্ষক নিয়োগ পরীক্ষা কোর্স - ২০২৩

    ফুল সিলেবাস কোর্সে যা যা থাকছে

    • How to solve your problems through highly informative classes on Bangla, English, General Knowledge, and General Science
    • Practical strategies for becoming successful in teacher recruitment exams
    • How to identify important topics while studying, as well as tips and tricks for ensuring efficient preparation
    • How to overcome your shortcomings in different subjects

    কোর্স সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত

    This course is for:

  1. Those who want to become successful in different government/non-government teacher recruitment exams
  2. Those who want to ensure an organized and sound preparation for primary school teacher recruitment exams
  3. Those who want to prepare themselves for different competitive government job exams, aside from teacher recruitment
  4. Candidates who want to evaluate their preparation among competitors and focus more on exercises
  5. About the course:

    Thousands of aspiring teachers are able to fulfill their dream in the primary teacher recruitment exams. Proper understanding of the subjects of the exam and adequate practice are the key to acing these competitive exams. To help candidates identify their issues, reduce their knowledge gap, and help them ensure adequate practice, 10 Minute School brings to you "প্রাথমিক সহকারী শিক্ষক নিয়োগ পরীক্ষা কোর্স - ২০২৩”

    Over the last few years, it has been observed that only 1 out of 40 candidates get selected as primary assistant teachers. You may be wondering how to start your preparation or whether it is possible for you to survive this competition at all. You will find answers to all of these questions in this one course. Aside from this, this course will also help you prepare for NTRCA (Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority) exams to be registered as a non-government teacher. You will find detailed explanations of all important topics from Bangla, English, General Knowledge, and General Science in this course. It will also give you a guideline on how to prepare and approach the exams. Hence, enroll in this course today and stay a step ahead of the rest in fulfilling your dream of becoming a teacher.