Class 5-12

    ভার্সিটি B Unit + গুচ্ছ এডমিশন কোর্স - ২০২৩

    ভার্সিটি B Unit + গুচ্ছ এডমিশন কোর্স - ২০২৩

    কোর্স সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত

    This Course is for:

  1. Students from Science, Business and Humanities background who are interested in sitting for university admission as well as cluster admission test
  2. Students who are struggling with their university admission preparation due to weakness in basic concepts
  3. Students who want to receive a complete guidelines on cluster admission test preparation, and practice from the comfort of their home
  4. About the Course:

    University admission tests are an important phase of every student’s life, which reflects the efforts of 12 years of school and college education. However, many fail to admit themselves in their dream university due to shortcomings in certain academic areas. Weakness in basic concepts and lack of proper guidance regarding which topics to focus more on are what leads students to drop out of this extremely tough competition. Thus, in order to help you gain a competitive edge over others and ensure that you receive a well-planned guidance for the cluster admission test, Ten Minute School brings to you the ‘ভার্সিটি B Unit + গুচ্ছ এডমিশন কোর্স - ২০২৩’.

    Enrolling in this course will allow a university admission test candidate to ensure a comprehensive preparation in Bangla, English and General Knowledge. With over 75 live classes, lecture sheets, solves classes, practice tests and 10 final model tests, students can adequately prepare themselves to compete for a seat in the cluster admission test. This course also offers a detailed analysis of previous cluster admission test questions, as well as lists of both more important and less important topics to cover for the test.

    The University of Dhaka has decided to cancel the D Unit admission test from this year and instead include all the departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts under the B Unit. Hence, this course will help the students of Science and Business backgrounds who seek to switch their field and pursue their career in Social Sciences and Arts. Enroll in this course today to follow the guidance of the best instructors in the country and stay a step ahead of your competitors in the cluster admission tests, as well as university admission tests in general.