Class 5-12

    ভার্সিটি C Unit + গুচ্ছ এডমিশন কোর্স - ২০২৩

    ভার্সিটি C Unit + গুচ্ছ এডমিশন কোর্স - ২০২৩

    কোর্স সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত

    Students will get in this course:

  1. In this course, there will be a total of 70 Facebook live classes on 7 subjects - Bangla, English, Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Mathematics.
  2. A complete guideline to strengthen the basics with the help of experienced instructors.
  3. Each class will be for 2 hours and daily exams will be taken through the 10 Minute School app. In addition, there will be weekly Doubt Solve classes and lecture sheets.
  4. A list of more and less important topics and a detailed idea about the questions that repeatedly come in the exam.
  5. Through this course, a candidate for an admission test in any business studies department (C Unit) of any university will get a complete explanation of each topic.
  6. Through the classes of this course, students will get guidance and solutions to their problems.
  7. The course will cover the analysis of admission test questions (C Unit + Cluster Admission), which topics are more important, which topics are less important, which topics have more questions, and which topics have fewer questions.
  8. Who is this course for:

  9. Students of the Commerce department who are interested in participating in the C Unit + Cluster admission test of the university
  10. Those who have fallen behind due to weak basics and are preparing for the Cluster admission test after passing HSC
  11. Those who want to get the complete guideline of the C Unit + Cluster admission test and want to prepare thoroughly through practice while staying at home
  12. About the course:

    The course 'University C Unit + Cluster Admission Course - 2023' will prepare a student to take the admission test of any public university in the country's business education department, starting from universities included in the Cluster admission system.

    The classes of this course will start after the HSC exam (probably from October 1). Ten-minute schools will be with you until the university admission test after the start of the University C Unit + Cluster Admission 2023 course. We hope to be with you throughout this complete preparation journey without interruption.