Class 5-12

    কলেজ এডমিশন কোর্স ২০২৩ (নটর ডেম, হলি ক্রস, সেন্ট জোসেফ)

    কলেজ এডমিশন কোর্স ২০২৩ (নটর ডেম, হলি ক্রস, সেন্ট জোসেফ)

    কোর্স সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত

    About the College Admission 2023 course:

    Students of the SSC '23 batch have already started their SSC exams. Best wishes to all of you. But for you, SSC is just the beginning of a very important and difficult journey. The first step of this journey is choosing a new college.

    For those of you who want to get admitted to Notre Dame College, Holy Cross College, and St. Joseph College, the College Admission Course 2023 (Notredame, Holy Cross, St. Joseph) will be by your side for a complete and well-prepared admission test.

    The practical exam of SSC 2023 will end on May 30th. The time after that is like an uninterrupted break for the students. During this time, any student can use the College Admission Course to brush up on their basics.

    This course started on June 15th and will end in August through the final model tests. After the exam, you will receive the schedule for admission to Notre Dame, Holy Cross, and St. Joseph's College. 10 Minute School will be with you until the college admission exam. Even after the final model test, there will be practice exams and solve classes for you. I hope we will be with you throughout this comprehensive preparation journey seamlessly.

    In this College Admission 2023 course, students will receive:

  1. In this College Admission 2023 course, you will have 8 subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Math, Higher Math, Bengali, English, and ICT, with a total of 32 live classes on 10 Minute School app.
  2. Each class will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long, and with each class, there will be a total of 32 daily exams that you can take on the 10 Minute School app.
  3. There will be 3 final model tests for admission to Notre Dame, Holy Cross, and St. Joseph College.
  4. There will be 4 guideline sessions and a viva session to prepare you for the written admission test.
  5. Who is this College Admission 2023 course for:

  6. Notre Dame, St. Joseph, and Holy Cross are among the most prestigious colleges in our country. Through the admission test, students are admitted to these three colleges. There are about 3200 seats available in the science department of these three colleges.
  7. For those students who aim to be admitted to Notre Dame, Holy Cross, and St. Joseph College, it is necessary to grasp the basics and solve their problems through sufficient discussion at this moment.
  8. By studying in a good college, a student can build a bright future for themselves.