Video Editing with Premiere Pro

    Video Editing with Premiere Pro

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    James Prince Barai

    Content Creator at YouTube for 6+ Years

    Satellite Communication Engineer, Jamuna TV

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    • How to edit videos like a professional, using ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’, a renowned video editing software, following the instructions of an industry expert
    • How to master text animation, slow motion, video reversing, audio editing, color grading, green screen editing, and other professional video editing tools through multiple mini and micro projects
    • Guidelines on how to build your career as a video editor and use your portfolio to find employment in freelancing marketplaces, as well as marketing agencies

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    This Video Editing course is for:

  1. Those who want to learn how to edit videos and master professional skills using the video editing software ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’
  2. Those who want to receive guidelines on how to edit a video on their existing device, without having to buy one with high configurations
  3. Those who are interested in learning how to edit videos, but are hesitant because of its difficulty
  4. About the Video Editing Course:

    Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most functional tools to learn in order to excel in the field of video editing and video making. From marketing agencies to freelancing marketplaces, there is a huge demand for skilled video editors. Yet, the competition for video editing jobs in Bangladesh is relatively low, since the skills required to become a professional video editor are a little time-consuming to master. Due to this, there is a huge potential for fast career growth and a decent income by learning how to edit videos.

    However, a quite common scenario is that despite the existence of an abundance of resources on the internet, people lose their interest in video editing after being unable to find the right guidelines. Most people do not know which video editing software to use, what hardware configurations to have on their device, the correct sequence to take their lessons and how to create a professional portfolio aside from learning.

    Hence, in order to teach you how to edit a video flawlessly using ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ and help build your journey as a video editor, 10 Minute School brings to you the exclusive ‘Video Editing with Premiere Pro' course.

    In this course, an industry expert instructor will help you learn the practical uses of various basic as well as advanced tools of Adobe Premiere Pro, including text animation, slow motion, video reversing, audio editing and green-screen editing. You will also receive all the source files and stock footage used in the tutorials so that you can practice by yourself later . So enroll in this course today to receive all the exclusive tips and tricks on how to edit a video, as well as proper guidelines on how to build a successful career in this field by landing the video editing jobs in Bangladesh.

    Video Editing with Premiere Pro

    Video editing is currently one of the most demanding skills in the market, due to the rising popularity of YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media platforms. Enroll in this course today to learn how to edit videos like a professional, using ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’, one of the best video editing softwares out there!

    2080 Students

    Time required 10 hours

    34 Videos

    5 Set Quiz

    14 Resource Files