Beginner's English Bundle

Beginner's English Bundle

Course instructors

Beginner's English Bundle by Munzereen Shahid

Munzereen Shahid

MSc (English), University of Oxford (UK);
BA, MA (English), University of Dhaka;
IELTS: 8.5

Beginner's English Bundle by Sakib Bin Rashid

Sakib Bin Rashid

Principal Specialist, 10 Minute School
University of Dhaka

Beginner's English Bundle by Shahnawaz Hossain Jay

Shahnawaz Hossain Jay

University of Sussex, UK

English Subject Matter Expert, 10 Minute School

What you will learn by doing the course

  • How to write paragraphs, stories, letters and more with skill and style, as well as how to deliver presentations and speeches in English
  • Tips and tricks to excel in both written and spoken English in any situation
  • How to communicate effectively and confidently in English in your professional life
  • How to improve your grammar, speaking and writing skills without memorizing rules, and if you are interested prepare yourself for traveling abroad

Course details

This ‘Beginner's English Bundle’ course is for:

  • Those who want to master accuracy in grammar, speaking and writing covering all three areas of English
  • Those who are going to take competitive exams such as admission tests, IELTS or job interviews soon and want to make their basic strong
  • Those who want to learn the basics and rules of English grammar in a short time and avoid mistakes in their workplace
  • Those who are afraid of making grammar errors when speaking or writing in English
  • About the ‘Beginner's English Bundle’ course:

    Even if we learn English from a young age, it can be quite challenging for us to write and speak in correct grammar using the conventional methods. If you want to learn the rules of grammar with easy techniques and practical examples, and demonstrate your skills in both writing and speaking, then the ‘Beginner’s English Bundle’ course is for you.

    Low marks in English in university admission tests, failing in job interviews or viva exams, lagging behind in your career due to lack of English proficiency - all these are the consequences of not having a strong basic of English. Maybe you can’t remember the grammar rules, or maybe you can’t write or speak fluently. In this competitive era, this kind of inability is a curse. But don’t worry, 10 Minute School is here for you.

    Three in one! Now you can learn grammar, writing and speaking together in one course. Besides the basic topics like Noun, Pronoun, Articles, Right Form of Verbs, Gerund, Tense etc. You will also clear your confusion about complex topics like Modals, Subjunctives, Inclusives etc. If you want to get the proper guidance to write and speak English effortlessly without memorizing rules, this course is for you. So join the journey of learning English for beginners with real-life examples and expert mentors. Enroll today in 10 Minute School’s ‘Beginner’s English Bundle’ course.

    Course certificates

    কোর্সটি সফলভাবে শেষ করলে আপনার জন্য আছে সার্টিফিকেট যা আপনি-

    • আপনার সিভিতে যোগ করতে পারবেন

    • লিংকডইন প্রোফাইলে সরাসরি শেয়ার করতে পারবেন

    • ফেসবুকে এক ক্লিকেই শেয়ার করতে পারবেন

    Certificate for Beginner's English Bundle
    Certificate for Beginner's English Bundle
    Certificate for Beginner's English Bundle

    Course details

    • ইন্টারনেট সংযোগ (ওয়াইফাই বা মোবাইল ইন্টারনেট)

    • স্মার্টফোন অথবা পিসি

    Payment process

    কীভাবে পেমেন্ট করবেন তা বিস্তারিত জানতে এই ভিডিওটি দেখুন

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    Beginner's English Bundle


    Total Enrolled 266


    Time Required 50 hours


    226 Videos


    115 set Quiz Quiz


    174 Notes

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