Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft PowerPoint

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    Sadman Sadik

    Education Content Creator;
    Digital Media Strategist;
    Author, 10 Minute School

    What you will learn by doing the course

    • Creating attractive slides and delivering your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with confidence in school-college, university, and corporate life.
    • Data Visualization in MS PowerPoint.
    • All the hacks regarding Graphic Design and Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • From the very basics of creating shapes to 3D modeling in MS PowerPoint.

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    Who is this Microsoft PowerPoint course for?

  1. Those who need to present often in class, office or business meetings.
  2. Those who are interested in Data Visualization.
  3. Those who want to create unique Microsoft PowerPoint presentations without using templates.
  4. About the Microsoft PowerPoint course

    To catch the attention of the audience, slides are used as a visual aid in a presentation. If your slide is attractive, it will bring you good marks in an academic presentation. If you are in a business meeting or an office presentation, effective slides will impress your client or your boss.

    Wondering how to surprise everyone by creating unique slides using Microsoft PowerPoint like your colleagues or classmates? If you want to learn how to create extraordinary presentation slides with 3D animation & graphics using the basic tools of MS PowerPoint, then this “Microsoft PowerPoint” course is for you!

    Being skilled in Microsoft PowerPoint will help you create assignments, and class presentations, and also help you advance in various national and international business competitions. Even if you want to impress your boss or your clients, MS PowerPoint skills will always come in handy.

    From designing and editing slides to shapes, layouts, 3D animations, and graphics, learn everything you need to design great presentations in this “Microsoft PowerPoint” course. Enroll today to take yourself one step ahead in class presentations or office environments.

    Microsoft PowerPoint

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    Time required 8 hours

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