Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel

    কোর্স ইন্সট্রাক্টর

    Abtahi Iptesam

    Microsoft Excel Trainer;
    Brand Executive, British American Tobacco

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    • Completing complex calculations quickly with Microsoft Excel
    • Analyzing worksheet data and applying Microsoft MS Excel formulas, functions, and tips & tricks
    • From basic data entry to advanced data analysis – learning from an expert
    • Using various functions of Microsoft Excel such as worksheet data analysis, advanced Excel formulas, data filters, chart creation, and many more
    • The strategies to increase productivity in office work or studies by using advanced Excel functions
    • Data management and data storage with Microsoft Excel tutorials, quizzes, and practice workbooks

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    About the Microsoft Excel course

    Are you struggling to keep track of thousands of office projects and tasks? By learning Microsoft Excel formulas, functions, and applying smart tips & tricks, you will be able to collect and calculate data in a matter of moments. Learning Excel will help to simplify all your complex tasks and increase your productivity. To keep you ahead in your career, 10 Minute School has brought the “Microsoft Excel” course, taught by an Excel expert, Abtahi Iptesam.

    This course will help you fast-forward your tasks by teaching you MS Excel basics and leading to advanced MS Excel formulas to make your life easier. With this course, you will be able to simplify complex and hectic tasks like data storing, sorting and analysis. So, if you want to enter the world of data, be able to perform a bunch of complex calculations in seconds, and learn all you can about Microsoft Excel, enroll in this course right away!

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    Microsoft Excel

    Beginner to advanced Microsoft Excel tutorials. Navigate Excel like a pro, perform basic to complex calculations using Excel functions, formulas, tips & tricks. Use MS Excel for everything from data entry to professional data analysis. Also learn: advanced formulas, vlookups, pivot tables, conditional formatting, charts, graphs, etc.

    43 Students

    Time required 4 hours

    50 Videos

    50 Workbooks

    50 sets of Quizzes