Web Design

    Web Design

    Course instructors

    Fahim Murshed

    Full-Stack Web Developer & Product Designer; Co-Founder & CEO, Symbl;
    Entrepreneur ; Product Designer ; AI Enthusiast

    What you will learn by doing the course

    • Proper and to-the-point information about website planning, designing, and coding
    • Usage of HTML and CSS language
    • Designing website layout and template
    • Everything about web hosting
    • Responsive and interactive website design
    • User-friendly website design

    Course details

    Who is this Web Design course for?

  1. Those who want to learn the A to Z of web designing, starting from HTML, CSS, and domain hosting to responsive website design
  2. Those who want to learn web design to take up projects in freelance marketplaces or local industries
  3. Graphic designers who want to expand their scope by learning programming and web designing
  4. Those who want to know the industry’s best practices to build their website
  5. Those who want to find out what visitors need to know to experience the interactive website
  6. About the Web Design course

    If you are up-to-date with the world of technology, you are well informed about the demand for skilful web designers. Currently, an online presence for any company has become fundamental. Hence the lookout for an expert website designer has been wider now than ever.

    Web design determines how a website will look in front of its visitors. It is not enough to have a visually pretty website; it needs to be practical and functional. A professional web designer requires two vital skills- programming and design sense. These two skills break down into many more minor skills, which altogether makes a web designer a successful one.

    Programming being a time-consuming skill to learn, many people are often intimidated by the prospect of it. But it is a skill worth the effort because it has higher pay than most other skills. This skill, being the complicated one it is, requires a complete and organized guideline to learn appropriately. If you are worried about how to learn web design, you can put your trust in the “Web Design” course by 10 Minute School to do the job.

    This course will provide you with the complete guideline to start your career as a web designer. Not only will you learn the skills required for Web Design, but you will also learn hands-on tips & tricks and receive cheat sheets to perform repetitive tasks faster. Enroll in the course to start your journey towards building yourself as a successful web designer.

    Web Design

    Total enrolled 4960

    Time required 5 hours

    46 Videos

    8 sets of Quizzes