English Grammar Crash Course

    English Grammar Crash Course

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    Sakib Bin Rashid

    BSS, MSS, University of Dhaka;

    Professional Trainer;

    Content Consultant, 10 Minute School

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    • English grammar with practical examples without memorizing any grammar rules.
    • Fluently speaking and writing in English without any grammatical errors.
    • Easy techniques to score well in school-college English exams and overcoming the fear of English grammar in the admission tests.
    • Ways to avoid basic English grammar mistakes while talking to anyone.
    • A clear idea about constructing sentences in English using basic English grammar.

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    About The English Grammar Crash Course

    All of us have struggled with memorizing the English Grammar rules at some point. So, to relieve students from this traditional method, 10 Minute School has come up with this ‘English Grammar Crash Course’ to help them become adept at English grammar with simple techniques and practical examples.

    This course will help you strengthen your basic English grammar resulting in good scores on any English test. Even in university admission tests, students are required to get a minimum mark in English in order to get selected. So, being good at English grammar is a must for students of all levels.

    The materials of this course have been designed in a way that will enable students to apply their grammar knowledge in real-life situations without recalling any grammatical rules. In addition to basic English grammar such as Noun, Pronoun, Article, Right Forms of Verbs, Tense, etc, advanced English grammar topics such as Modals, Subjunctives, Inclusives, Redundancies etc. are also taught in this course with easy-to-follow techniques.

    Moreover, being proficient in English grammar will also build a strong foundation for your Spoken English. So, without further ado, enroll today to become more confident in your English grammar skills and start following this course to master English Grammar without complex grammatical rules.

    Who is this English Grammar Crash Course for?

  1. Those who are good at English grammar but forgot the rules due to lack of practice.
  2. Those who are sitting for competitive exams like admission tests and job recruitment.
  3. Those who want to learn the detailed and confusing rules of English grammar in the least possible time.
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    English Grammar Crash Course

    Learn English Grammar without memorizing boring grammar rules. Fun and easy English grammar for all learners. Get started today!

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