Corporate Etiquette

    Corporate Etiquette

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    • How to maintain a good impression at interviews, at the office, in front of clients, and corporate officials.
    • How to look competent and professional in the workplace.
    • The importance of Corporate Etiquette, EQ and IQ in the workplace.

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    This ‘Corporate Etiquette’ course includes

  1. Tips regarding how to communicate professionally with someone and how to keep the conversation going.
  2. 4 ways to keep your personal information secure and the benefits of using cloud storage.
  3. The importance of having an official email and phone number.
  4. The rules of addressing someone at your workplace.
  5. Nitty-gritty of Emotional Intelligence.
  6. About the ‘Corporate Etiquette’ course:

    Professionalism in the workplace depends on your behavior, outlook, and attitude. Whether you are a job seeker or a potential candidate for promotion, corporate etiquette will always set you apart from other employees. Etiquette and manners always have a positive effect on your work life.

    Corporate etiquette is a very critical issue because even a small mistake can upset your superiors. So with this in mind, 10 Minute School has come up with the “Corporate Etiquette” Online Free course. In this “Corporate Etiquette” course, you will learn how professional responsibilities in the workplace as well as good manners with colleagues, and respect for superiors, makes people professional. So, to learn the basic etiquette of the corporate world, enroll “Corporate Etiquette” Free Course now!

    Corporate Etiquette

    The success of an employee in the corporate world depends on their conduct, behavior, and attitude, which always sets them apart from others. Etiquette and manners have a positive impact on one's work life, allowing them to stay one step ahead of others. This Corporate Etiquette course teaches the essential etiquette of the corporate world, including professional responsibilities, good manners with colleagues, and respect for superiors. Enroll now to learn these essential etiquettes and pave your way to success in the workplace!

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