Higher Study in USA

    Higher Study in USA

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    Bristy Sikder

    Computer Science Engineering,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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    • Misconceptions about higher education abroad.
    • Everything you need to do to get financial aid.
    • How to write an application letter.
    • How to prepare for SAT and TOEFL exams for Higher Study.
    • Rules for writing a letter of recommendation.

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    “Higher Study in USA” course for

  1. Those who want to know how to prepare application following the guidelines provided by students studying in top ranked universities of the USA.
  2. To get complete guideline on how to study in USA from Bangladesh, from the application process to which competitive exams to sit for.
  3. Those who want to learn about the methods of obtaining scholarships and applying for financial aid for Higher Study in USA.
  4. About the “Higher Study in USA” course

    Due to greater opportunities and diverse career options, studying abroad, especially in the USA, is a dream for many Bangladeshi students. The United States of America ranks first in the world for higher education and higher research in science and most other areas. The administration here is committed to assisting international students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics after their graduation. Due to all of these, it is a very popular destination for international students seeking to pursue higher education abroad.

    In order to help students pursue their higher study in USA, 10 Minute School has introduced a free course titled “Higher Study in USA.” “Higher Study in USA” course is designed to assist students who are willing to apply in different undergraduate programs of different universities in the USA. Enroll in this free course “Higher Study in USA” today to stay a step ahead in fulfilling your dream of studying in the USA.

    Higher Study in USA

    Learn how to prepare yourself for pursuing higher study in USA. Enroll today to receive a complete guideline for higher studies in USA, including SAT and TOEFL, about the prerequisites for higher education in the USA. "Higher Study in USA" course covers all you need to know about obtaining financial aid, writing college application letters, practicing for the SAT and TOEFL, and writing reference letters.

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