Mobile Photography

    Mobile Photography

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    Sadman Sadik

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    • Everything about mobile photography from basic to intermediate level.
    • How to create professional videos using your mobile phone.
    • and aesthetic photos using your mobile phone. Tips and strategies to take beautiful
    • How to edit photos and videos on your smartphone.

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    About the ‘Mobile Photography’ course:

    Mobile photography is currently a very popular hobby, due to the increase in use of smartphones. Some mobile photographs are so beautiful that it is quite hard to distinguish them from professional photography. If you are someone who is intrigued by photography but don’t have the professional gadgets yet, you can pursue mobile photography by mastering a few techniques and strategies.

    Mobile photography can also be a profitable side-hustle alongside a regular job. That is why Ten Minute School has introduced the “Mobile Photography” course, designed to improve your skills in mobile photography. This course covers all the basics of mobile photography, along with plenty of tips and tricks to ease your journey. So if you want to start taking amazing pictures on your mobile phone, enroll in this course today!

    This ‘Mobile Photography’ Course Includes:

  1. The basics of Natural Lighting, Aperture, White Balance and Shutter Speed in mobile photography.
  2. How to save high quality/high resolution images.
  3. How to edit different parts of an image separately.
  4. How to use Green screen/Chroma screen in mobile photography.
  5. How to create a basic lighting setup for capturing videos and images.
  6. What you will learn from this ‘Mobile Photography’ course:

  7. Get ideas about strategy in addition to tips and tricks of mobile photography.
  8. Learn how to take professional pictures and edit photo.
  9. Enhance your mobile photography skill.
  10. Mobile Photography

    Enroll in our ‘Mobile Photography’ course today to learn basic to advance tricks to capture and edit photos using your phone, as well as amazing techniques to edit videos like a professional.

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