Fire Safety Awareness

    Fire Safety Awareness

    কোর্স ইন্সট্রাক্টর

    Omar Faruk

    Soft Skills Trainer
    Fire Safety Awareness Trainer

    Md Omar Faruk

    Soft Skills Trainer
    Fire Safety Awareness Trainer

    What you will learn by doing the course

    • Introduction to fire safety, fire safety equipment and how to use them.
    • Fire safety rules in Bangladesh.
    • Top 10 reasons behind fire outbreaks.
    • Emergency measures to be taken during a fire outbreak.

    Course details

    This ‘Fire Safety Awareness’ is for

  1. Those who want to learn how to help others at your workplace or at your home during a fire outbreak.
  2. Those who want to learn first aid treatment related to fire hazard.
  3. Those who want to know How to stay calm during such a situation.
  4. About the ‘Fire Safety Awareness’ course

    A sudden fire outbreak is capable of causing panic among the calmest of people. The extent of panic further aggravates if the people around are not aware of emergency safety measures during a fire outbreak, which in turn increases the damages. Instead of relying solely on the fire service unit, receiving proper fire safety training, learning first aid treatments, and understanding rescue measures can significantly contribute to saving lives and minimizing the extent of damages.

    Thus, in order to increase fire safety awareness and fire safety training among people, 10 Minute School has introduced the “Fire Safety Awareness” course, which discusses the types of fire outbreaks, fire safety equipment required to extinguish them, all emergency procedures to follow during such a situation and fire safety rules in Bangladesh.

    This ‘Fire Safety Awareness’ free course is mainly designed to teach you how to stay calm and take appropriate measures during an emergency like this. Enroll today in the free fire safety course, ‘Fire Safety Awareness,’ to know everything about fire safety and keep your loved ones safe!

    Fire Safety Awareness

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