Motion Graphics in After Effects

    Motion Graphics in After Effects

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    Ruhul Amin

    Motion Graphics Designer;
    Founder & CEO, Binarilink

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    • Fundamental to intermediate-level projects using Adobe After Effects
    • Logo animation, character animation, plugin usage, motion tracking, etc.
    • Principles of video effects and 2D/3D animation
    • Usage of a green screen and editing green screen background
    • Learning to design the intro and outro of a video

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    About the course

    Motion graphics is not only about high-budget, complex projects like Disney or Pixar movies. The credits or title animations rolling in after a movie or a tv program are also under the big umbrella of motion graphics. With the increasing amount of video content on the internet, the scope of motion graphics has expanded more than ever, and so has the demand for an expert motion designer.

    Many people are afraid of learning motion graphics. Most of them are intimidated by the user interfaces of the editing software. But the good news is that the effort behind learning an advanced skill like motion graphics never goes in vain. With most people going for the easy-to-learn skills, the competition in motion graphic design is lower, and the pay is significantly higher.

    Motion graphics is a unique skill in graphic designing and animation. To help you teach yourself motion graphics, 10 Minute School has introduced the “Motion Graphic in After Effects” course.

    This course has been divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced modules, making it a complete package for learners from all levels. In addition, you will receive exclusive career guidelines to kick start your career as a motion graphic designer. In this current world of making yourself better than your yesterday’s self, stay one step ahead by enrolling in this course.

    This course includes:

  1. Techniques of applying video effects
  2. Basics of 2D/3D animation, green screen motion tracking, and intro-outro preparation for animation videos
  3. Intermediate-level knowledge about Adobe After Effects
  4. Motion Graphics in After Effects

    Learn everything about motion graphics including logo animation, character animation, motion tracking, and more with our 'Motion Graphics in After Effects' course.

    817 Students

    Time required 30 hours

    80 Videos

    2 sets of Quizzes

    18 Project Files

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