ঘরে বসে English Grammar

    ঘরে বসে English Grammar

    Course instructors

    Munzereen Shahid

    MSc (English), University of Oxford (UK);
    BA, MA (English), University of Dhaka;
    IELTS: 8.5

    What you will learn by doing the course

    • The necessary grammatical rules and explanations to write English correctly
    • Different types of real-life examples and explanations of the same grammar topic
    • Apply the grammar rules in appropriate contexts & situations
    • Grammar rules & examples relevant to the syllabus of the School, College and University
    • Situation-based easy grammar recall techniques
    • Mastering the simple and complex issues of English grammar via practice

    Course details

    Who is this course for?

  1. Students of School, College, and University
  2. All Job Exam Candidates e.g. BCS Exam, Teacher Recruitment Exam, Bank Job Exam, Ministry Job Exam etc
  3. University Admission or Entrance Exam Candidate (Exam)
  4. Government and Private Service Holders
  5. IELTS/ GRE/ SAT/ GMAT exams interested candidates
  6. People of any age, class or profession who want to use English appropriately
  7. Difficulty Level of the 'ঘরে বসে English Grammar' Course:

    Basic to Advanced English Grammar

    A to Z Guideline of Learning English Grammar from amateur to expert

    What you will be able to do after completion of the course

  8. Apply grammar rules correctly in academic exams
  9. Answer grammar questions correctly in competitive exams
  10. Ability to create and use appropriate examples as per English Grammar Rules
  11. Ability to write English correctly English Grammar Standards
  12. About the course

    Approximately 74% of Bangladeshis are literate (know how to read and write in Bangla). Yet, most of them aspire to be masters in English speaking, reading, and writing. The students study English regularly at their institutions. But, they often struggle in academic exams, admission exams, and job exams due to inadequate grammar knowledge. Students may resort to memorizing grammar rules due to stress and fear. But, it results in errors in writing and messes among tense, nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives during exams. This issue is not only faced by the students but also job seekers and professionals face similar problems while using English in their own contexts. Learning English grammar with real-life examples and contexts can establish a subconscious connection between an individual mind and English grammar. He who follows this approach can learn grammar effectively.

    Munzereen Shahid, the most popular English teacher in Bangladesh, has been educating nearly 10 million people online. Her course 'ঘরে বসে English Grammar' is drawn from her academic expertise, teaching experience, and student-centered research. This comprehensive English grammar course incorporates Bangladeshi Context-based practical examples for each rule of Grammar. In this course, Tense is taught in a very interactive and enjoyable way. Munzereen covers all the parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections, using simple and real-life illustrations. Additionally, the course delves into essential grammar topics like articles, determiners, voice, narration, clauses, sentence transformations, conditional sentences, prefixes, suffixes, and more. Whether you aim to excel in academic exams, admission programs, job exams, or enhance your professional English writing and speaking skills, 'ঘরে বসে English Grammar' course by Munzereen Shahid is tailored for you.

    About the instructor of the course

    Munzereen Shahid is a prominent name for online English education for her simple and easy-to-understand presentations. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English from the University of Dhaka, achieving First Class First in the undergraduate program. She furthered her studies with a 100% scholarship for her second Master's degree in English Linguistics at the prestigious Oxford University. She bears an IELTS Band Score of 8.5 collectively. As an acknowledgment of Munzereen's significant contributions to education, she received the 'JCI Woman of Inspiration Award for Education' from the Education Minister Dipu Moni at an event organized by JCI on August 26, 2023. Her dedication towards making English education easy for everyone is evident in her consistent efforts.

    Final Words

    To master English grammar, you do not need ROCKET-SCIENCE knowledge. All you need is a connection between Grammar and YOUR MIND. Creating this connection requires a teacher who can illustrate the rules with context-based examples and make them easy to grasp. Both these elements are present and visible in this course. So, don't delay to make a decision. Enroll now in the 'ঘরে বসে English Grammar' course to become a master in English grammar.

    ঘরে বসে English Grammar

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