CV Writing & Interview

    CV Writing & Interview

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    Ayman Sadiq

    Founder & CEO, 10 Minute School
    Forbes 30 Under 30;
    Queen's Young Leader;
    Bestselling Author

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    • Correct CV format and tactics to handle interviews well
    • Best possible ways to present your skills in CV writing and interview
    • Editing and making CVs according to the demand of the hiring professionals
    • The right way to prepare for an interview

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    Who is this ‘CV Writing & Interview’ course for?

  1. Students or fresh graduates who want to learn professional cv writing
  2. Those who are applying for jobs but are not being called for an interview
  3. Those who are anxious about the interview phase of the recruitment
  4. About the ‘CV Writing & Interview’ course

    We often struggle to choose the correct CV format and make some common mistakes while CV writing. We do not usually have a clear idea about the do’s and don'ts of professional cv writing. As a result, many times, we miss reasonable job offers. And we have no idea what we will be asked in the interview.

    That is why 10 Minute School has introduced the "CV Writing & Interview" course. This course will help you create your CV and complete each job interview successfully. Enroll today and meet the first step towards your dream career with ease.

    CV Writing & Interview

    Learn CV writing format and a variety of interview questions and answers so you can start building your dream career with ease. Enroll in the free course “CV Writing & Interview” by Ayman Sadiq.

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    Time required 2 hours

    26 Videos

    13 sets of Quizzes