Math Series

    Math Series

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    • How to use quick hacks to solve math questions in admission tests
    • How to solve mathematical problems quickly using various shortcuts
    • Basics of mathematics , including formulas, tips and tricks
    • Math formula and math solution of percentages, fractions, ratios, time and distance, averages, equations, inequalities, LCM and HCF, circles, triangles, angles, Pythagoras formulas, and many other topics
    • Math solution to difficult problems of arithmetics, algebra, and geometry

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    About the ‘Math Series’ course:

    Have you ever wondered how important mathematics is in our lives? We need math to solve problems in almost every aspect of our lives. From basic calculations to solving complex scientific problems, mathematics is needed in almost everything we do.

    Most applied scientific and technological problems are also solved using mathematical equations. Moreover, we use mathematics in our personal and professional life too. The skills of solving arithmetic, algebraic and geometrical problems help us in more ways than we think of.

    Sadly, due to the lack of proper guidance, many of us are afraid of mathematics. We feel intimidated thinking how difficult math is! So, to help you overcome this fear, Ten Minute School brings you the "Math Series" course! This course will help you with math solutions of all three branches of mathematics, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Percentage, Profit-Loss, Time and Distance, Permutation and Combination, Work, Probability, Average, LCM and HCF, Circles, Triangles, and Angles, are among the many topics that are covered in this course! So, to overcome your fear of math, enroll in this free "Math Series" course today!

    Math Series

    Learn math formulas, equations, and multiple math tricks and shortcuts. Enroll in this Math Series course to improve your math skills with Ayman Sadiq.

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