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List of Famous Writers of English Literature

Title of the Famous Writers:

Name of the Writer Title
Cædmon First Known poet in English
Alfred the Great The Founder of English prose
Venerable Bede Father of English History
Dante The father of Italian Language
Geoffrey Chaucer Father of English poetry
Christopher Marlowe The Father of English Tragedy
Sir Thomas Wyatt First writer of sonnets
P.B. Shelly Revolutionary Poet/Lyrical Poet
Ben Jonson The Father of comedy of humors
S.T. Coleridge Poet of Supernaturalism
Thomas Kyd The Father of English Revenge play
Francis Bacon The Father of modern essay/Natural Philosopher
Edmund Spenser Poet’s Poet
Lord Byron Rebel Poet
Galileo The Father of Modern Astronomy
William Shakespeare Bard of Avon and poet of human nature
John Keats Poet of Beauty/Poet of sensuousness
John Donne Poet of Love
Robert Herrick The Greatest cavalier poet
Jonathan Swift The Greatest satirist in English
John Milton The master of epic/epic poet
Alexander Pope Mock heroic poet
John Dryden The Father of Modern English criticism
Henry Fielding The Father of English novel
Dr. Samuel Johnson The Father of English Dictionary
Thomas Gray The Graveyard Poet
William Wordsworth The Poet of Nature
Sir Walter Scott The Father of Historical Novels

Pen Name of the Famous Writers:

Real name of the Writer Pen Name
Eric Arthur George Orwell
William Sidney Porter O’Henry
Henry Fielding Captain Hercules Vinegar
Mary Ann Evans George Eliot
G.B.Shaw Corno di Bassetto
Charlotte Brontë Currer Bell
Samuel Langhorne  Clemens Mark Twain
Jozef Teodor Konrad Nalecz Korzeniowski Joseph Conrad

Notable Elegies and Writers:

Elegies For whom the following Elegies are written
A Southern Night, by Matthew Arnold On the death of Arnold’s brother
Adonais, by P.B. Shelley On the death of John Keats
Astrophel, by Edmund Spenser On the death of Sir Philip Sidney
Heroic Stanzas on the Death of Oliver Cromwell, by John Dryden On the death of Cromwell
Haworth’s Churchyard, by Matthew Arnold On the death of Charlotte Bronte
In Memoriam, by Alfred Tennyson  On the death of Tennyson’s friend Arthur Henry Hallam
In Memory of W.B.Yeats, by W.H. Auden On the death of  W.B.Yeats
Lycidas, by John Milton On the death of John Milton’s friend
Rugby Chapel, Matthew Arnold  On the Death of Matthew Arnold’s father
Thyrsis, Matthew Arnold  On the death of Arthur Hugh Clough
Heine’s Grave, Matthew Arnold On the death of Arnold’s brother Heine
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, Thomas Gray On the death of the forefathers