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Present tense

Present Indefinite

Present indefinite: Present indefinite tense regular or normal or true expression প্রকাশ করে এবং verb এর main form use করে।

Structure: Sub + principle verb (s/es) + object

  • Be verb হলে am/is/are 

Universal Truth = Every mother loves her child/ Nobody likes a liar/ The sun rises in the east

Imperative Sentence = Please do the work/ Let him go there/ Don’t run in the sun

Habitual Activity = I usually get up early in the morning/ He reads the holy Quran every day.

Present Continuous 

Structure: Subject + am/is/are.. + principle verb (+ing) + object 

Example – The baby is crying 

  • Like, love, hate, know, believe etc are non – continuous verbs. এগুলো present indefinite tense এ ব্যবহার করলেও present continuous এর অর্থ প্রকাশ করে। 

Present Perfect 

Present perfect tense: এমন কাজকে বোঝায় যা past এর indefinite সময়ে বা past এ শুরু হয়ে এখনো চলছে। 

Structure: Sub + has/have + principle verb (past participle form) + object 

Example – the government has taken care of the food crisis issue. 

Present Perfect Continuous 

Structure: Subject+ has/have been+ verb(+ing) + object+ since/for + time limit

  • Point of time- since (হতে/থেকে)

He has been working here since 2016 ( ২০১৬ থেকে)

  • Duration of time- for (ধরে/যাবৎ)

He has been working here for 3 hours ( ৩ ঘণ্টা ধরে)

Past Tense 

Past Indefinite  


  • subject+ past form of principle verb + object

Example- My brother did well in the exam. 

  • Present indefinite/ present perfect clause +since+ past indefinite clause

Example- Two years have passed since his mother died

Past Continuous 

Structure: Subject+ was/were+ verb(+ing)+ object

Example- He was always asking for our help.

  • As, when, while থাকলে subordinate clause এর ক্ষেত্রে past continuous tense হয় Such as- While I was walking in the field I found a purse.

Past Perfect

Structure 1: (Subject+ had+ past participle of principle verb +object) + before + past indefinite

Structure 2: Past Indefinite + after+ (Subject+ had+ past participle of principle verb +object) 

Example- He reached home after his mother had died.

Past Perfect Continuous 

Structure: Subject + had been + verb-ing+ object (নির্দিষ্ট সময় ধরে চলছিল) 

Example- Everything had been going so well/ He had been reading a book for an hour

Future Tense 

Future Indefinite 

Structure: subject + will/shall+ present form of verb+ object

Example- He will play well tomorrow/I shall do the assignment later 

  • যেকোনো conditional sentence-এ যদি subordinate clause –টি present indefinite tense হয়, তাহলে principle clause-টি future indefinite হবে।

Example: If you come late, you will miss the train

Future Continuous 

Structure: Subject+ will/shall be +verb-ing+ object

Example: I shall be writing a letter in the morning.

Future Perfect 

Structure: Subject+ will/shall have +verb-past participle form+ object +by/within+ time

Example: They will have finished the work by six o’clock

  • Point of time – by
  • Duration of time- within (সময়ের পরিমাণ)

Future Perfect Continuous 

Structure: Subject+ will/shall have been +verb-ing+ object + since /for + time

Example: We will have been waiting for five hours (৫ ঘণ্টা ধরে অপেক্ষা করতে থাকবো) 

  • Point of time – since
  • duration of time-for