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Categories of Transformation:

  1. Simple – Complex – Compound 
  2. Affirmative – Negative – Interrogative/ Imperative/ Exclamatory 
  3. Positive – Comparative – Superlative 

1. Simple – Complex – Compound 

Simple: Single clause,1 subject,1 finite verb

Complex: More than one clause, coordinating conjunction

Compound: 1 main clause, one or more sub-ord clauses

Simple Complex Compound
He admitted his guilt He admitted that he is guilty He is guilty and he admitted that

Transformation of simple, complex, and compound 

Simple verb + ing Being fired, she cried.
Complex since/as As she was fired, she cried.
Compound And/so  She was fired and so she cried.


Simple To + non-finite verb He came to meet me.
Complex So that He came so that he could meet me.
Compound And/or He came and [he] met me.


Simple In spite of/despite In spite of being healthy, he is lazy
Complex Though/although Though he is healthy, he is lazy
Compound but  He is healthy but lazy


Simple Enough/too… to She was too tired to move
Complex So…..that[neg] She was so weak that she could not move
Compound Very…..and She was very weak and she could not move


Simple Without Without working hard, you will fail 
Complex If/in case If you don’t work hard, you will fail
Compound or  Work hard or you will fail


Simple Adjective It was a nice dress
Complex that/which It was a dress that was nice 
Compound And It was a dress and it was nice

Transformation of Affirmative – Negative 

Rule 1 Affirmative: only

Negative: none but/nothing but/not more than

It was only a dress

It was nothing but a dress

Rule 2  Affirmative: few

Negative: not many

I have a few friends

I do not have many friends 

Rule 3 Affirmative: bound/can/have to/must

Negative: cannot but/cannot help

He is bound to/must give me thanks

He cannot but give me thanks  OR

He cannot help giving me thanks

Rule 4 Affirmative: and/both….and

Negative: not only….but also

Both Karim and Kamal can do the work

Not only Karim but also Kamal can do the work

Rule 5 Affirmative: every

Negative: there is no….but/no

Every mother loves her child

There is no mother but loves her child 


No mother hates her child

Rule 6 Affirmative: always

Negative: never

I will always remember you

I will never forget you

Rule 7 Affirmative: as soon as

Negative: no sooner had

As soon as he entered the room, I left.

No sooner had he entered the room than I left.

Rule 8 Affirmative: sometimes

Negative: not always

My father sometimes smokes.

My father does not always smoke.

Transformation of Assertive to Interrogative 

  • If the sentence is in the affirmative(positive) you have to change it into a negative interrogative.

If it is negative then you have to change it into bare interrogative

Example: He is playing football

Incorrect-  Is he playing football?

Correct  –  Isn’t he playing football?

  • If the given sentence is already in negative it will be transformed into affirmative-interrogative/ bare interrogative

Example: He is not playing football

Incorrect- Isn’t he playing football?

Correct- Is he playing football?

Assertive  Interrogative 
He never cooks food

None can do this

Every man must die

There is nothing in the box  

Does he ever cook food?

Who can do this?

Is there any man who will not die?

Is there anything in the box?

Transformation of Assertive to Exclamatory 

  • If the assertive sentence contains any article(a/an) before the adjective, its exclamatory sentence will start with “what”

Assertive- You are a great fool.

Exclamatory- What a great fool you are!

Rules Examples
∙Assertive: wish

Exclamatory: if

I wish I had so much money

If I had so much money!

∙Assertive : rejoice/delight/grief

Exclamatory: Hurrah/bravo/ Alas

I regret the man is dead

Alas! The man is dead

Assertive: I wish

Exclamatory: were

I wish I were a king

If I were a king!


Assertive  Imperative  
You should do your homework

You are requested to come early

He drinks coffee

You should not tell a lie  

Do your homework

Please come early

Let him drink coffee

Do not tell a lie

Transformation of degree 

Positive – Comparative – Superlative 

Positive Tall Good Popular Useful
Comparative Taller Better More popular More useful
Superlative Tallest Best Most popular Most useful


Rule 1 
Positive No other No other metal is as useful as iron
Comparative Than any other/

than all other

Iron is more useful than any other metals
Superlative  Most Iron is the most useful of all the metals


Rule 2
Positive Few/ very few Very few boys are as humble as Zamil
Comparative More….than most other Zamil is more humble than most other boys
Superlative  One of the most Zamil is one of the most humble boys