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Authors of Old English & Middle age

Authors of Different Literary Ages & Their Works Ages of English Literature

The Old English Period (450-1066):

Old English – the earliest form of the English language – was spoken and written in Anglo-Saxon Britain from 450 AD until 1150 AD.

Poets of the Era:

Name of the Poet Title and Pen Name Notable Works
Caedmon (637-735) Earliest poet/first known poet in English Literature কাব্য: Cædmon’s Hymn
Cynewulf Juliana তার একটি বিখ্যাত কবিতা
King Alfred 

the Great (849-899)

Founder of English Prose গদ্যগ্রন্থ: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Middle English Period (1066-1500):

Name of the Poet Title and Pen Name Notable Works
Dante (1265-1321) পুরো নাম: Dante Alighieri Famous poem: The Divine Comedy
Sir John 


Travels of Sir John Mandeville
John Wycliffe Titles:

  • Morning Star of the Reformation
  • Evening Star of Scholasticism
William Langland বিখ্যাত কাব্যগ্রন্থ: Piers Plowman
Geoffrey Chaucer Titles (উপাধি):

1. The First great modernist

2. Father of English Language

3. Father of English Literature

4. First Humorist in English Literature

Famous Poems:

1.     The House of Fame

2.     Troilus and Criseyde

3.     The Parliament of Fowls

Sir Thomas Malory বিখ্যাত গদ্যগ্রন্থ: Le Morte d’Arthur
John Lydgate
  1. Troy Book
  2. The Siege of Thebes
William Dunbar The Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins


  • The Renaissance Period (1500-1660)
  • The Elizabethan Period (1558-1603)
  • The Jacobean Period (1603-1625)
  • The Caroline Period (1625-1649)
  • The Commonwealth Period (1649-1660)
  • The Neoclassical Period (1660-1798)
  • The Restoration Period (1660-1700)
  • The Augustan Period (1700-1745)
  • The Age of Sensibility Period (1745-1798)
  • The Romantic Period (1798-1832)
  • The Victorian Period (1832-1901)
  • The Modern Period (1901-1939)
  • The Post-Modern Period (1939-Present)